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Hotel Information

Welcome To StayWell Hospitality Group

On behalf of all our management and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Park Regis Boutique Hotel. We acknowledge that you have a variety of hotels to choose from, so are honoured that you have selected to stay with us whilst in Dubai.

We are proud to offer you such an exceptional hotel experience during your stay. A luxurious combination of rustic and modernity – a boutique hotel that is conveniently located in Dubai’s upscale Jumeirah, making it the perfect oasis to unwind and relax. Park Regis Boutique Hotel offers more than just a place to stay. Featuring 21 units of accommodation with a twist, staying here enriches the sojourn to Dubai experience for each individual traveller. A full overview of the services we offer is listed in this guest compen- dium.

Whether you’re visiting Dubai for business or leisure, for one night, one week or one month I trust that our hotel management and staff will do their utmost to ensure your stay exceeds your expectations. If you encounter any concerns while staying with us, please contact the Front Desk immediately to allow us the opportunity to correct the situation.

Park Regis Boutique Hotel is managed by StayWell Hospitality Group – owner and operator of the “Park Regis” and “Leisure Inn”brands. If you haven’t heard a great deal about us, you most certainly will in the coming months when you’re travelling in the region. We are an Australian based hotel management group with a growing portfolio of properties with locations including Australia, Singapore, Middle East, India and Indonesia. We are poised for a rapid expansion program with future plans for proper- ties in China, United Kingdom, Europe and further properties in the Asia-Pacific region, India and the Middle East.

You may pick up on the subtle Australian influence we have incorporated throughout the hotel to affirm the roots of the Park Regis brand. This includes some Australian fare offered in our mini bar selection.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay at Park Regis Boutique Hotel and welcome your comments on our services. Please fill in the feedback form located in your room, or alternatively you can log onto to submit an online form. Your feedback will be reviewed and used to continually improve the standard of services and facilities and training of our hotel staff.

Once again, thank you for choosing Park Regis Hotels

Kindest regards,


Simon Wan
President and Director

COVID-19 Measures

View COVID-19 Measures

Hotel Facilities

If you have any questions please dial “0” for assistance.


A list of major airline contact details can be found in the Local Information section of this directory. Arrival and departure times are also available via the IPTV program on your television. Additional information concerning flight schedules and ticket confirmation can be obtained from our Reception. Extension 102

Airport Transportation

Upon request, please call Reception for your airport transportation arrangements. Extension 102

Baby Cots

Cots are available from Housekeeping. Extension 102

Beach Facility

Just a 2-minute walk from the Hotel, we are located next to Jumeirah Beach. For guidance please call Reception. Extension 102

21 Grams

A selection of Balkan recipes can be found in 21 Grams Bistro. Extension 222

Baggage Services/Storage

We will be happy to assist you with same day baggage storage.

Breakages & Damages

All guest rooms are fully equipped with standard inventory. Please report any breakages, missing items or damaged property on arrival. The cost of replacement or repair on any items broken or damaged is the responsibility of the guest. Extension 0

Duty Manager

The Duty Manager is available 24 hours a day and may be contacted through the Reception. Extension 102


The hotel is equipped with comprehensive safety equipment. In the event of an emergency, the alarm will be activated. An evacuation plan is located on your room door. In the event of an emergency please call Extension 777


The power points in your room operate on 220 volts.


We thank you for choosing to stay with us and look forward to receiving your comments on our facilities and services. Please log onto to submit an online form. Your feedback will be reviewed and used to continually improve the standard of services and facilities and training of our hotel staff.


For any flower arrangement/floral requirements please contact Reception. Extension 102


For extra pillow, blankets or to organize any cleaning services and any other requirements you may have, please contact Housekeeping. Extension 102

Key Cards

Please remember to return your key cards to the Reception Desk on check-out. For security purposes, key cards are programmed to be valid until 12:00pm of the day of check-out. Should you wish to extend your stay, please revalidate your cards at the Reception desk.

In order to prolong the life of your room card, please keep cards away from mobile phones which interfere with the card chips.

Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Pressing

Please refer to the laundry/dry cleaning list for available services. This can be found inside the wardrobe in your room. For any further enquiries please contact Housekeeping.

Items received before 10:00am will be returned after 07:00pm. Extension 102

Limousine Service

Chauffeur-driven limousines may be arranged through our Reception. Extension 102

Lost and Found

Please call our Guest Service desk for assistance. Extension 0


Please contact our Reception for your luggage handling requirement. Extension 102

Medical Assistance

Should you require medical assistance or a doctor, please call our Reception. Extension 102


Parking is available free of charge. If the valet attendants have parked your vehicle, please contact our Reception when you wish to have your car brought to the hotel entrance. Please allow 10 minutes for your car to be returned to the hotel entrance. Extension 102


No pets are permitted on the premises.

Places of Worship

Our Guest Services desk will gladly assist you with information on places of worship. Extension 102


Accommodation reservations for any Park Regis Hotel may be made by contacting our Reception. Extension 102


The Hotel Reception desk operates 24 hours. Extension 102


The Hotel is routinely patrolled by our Security Personnel. Guests are advised to lock their room door before retiring. For further details, please contact our Security Team. Extension 102


Information and bookings are available through our Reception. Extension 102


For advance bookings, please contact our Reception. Extension 102

Loyalty Programs

Stay Well Rewards

If you have not already done so, please speak with reception about free registration with the “Stay Well Rewards” program. As a member you will receive great discounts and earn points every time you stay at any participating StayWell Hospitality Group property.

Qantas Frequent Flyer

We accept Qantas Frequent Flyer cards for all direct bookings with applicable rates at StayWell Hospitality Group properties.

Room Facilities


The electrical voltage in the UAE is 220 volts; a multi converter point is available beside your writing desk.


All outlets provide 220 Volt, AC, Single Phase, 50Hz electricity. A multi converter point is available in the writing desk console.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in each guest room is individually controlled, allowing you to regulate the temperature. To select the required temperature simply adjust the bedside control panel to the desired setting.

Bottled Water

Four (4) 500ml bottles of water are provided free of charge in your room.


A hairdryer is located in the ensuite bathroom. If you encounter a problem with your hairdryer please contact Extension 0 and a replacement will be provided.

Iron & Ironing Board

An ironing board and iron can be found in your room wardrobe/cupboard.

Internet Access (Usage in Room)

Free and unlimited data Wi-Fi is available during your stay.

Please refer to the in room dining selections. Available from 7:30am to 11:00pm. Extension 222

International Direct Dialing (IDD)

How to make an IDD call:

  1. The telephone in your room has access to International Direct Dialing (IDD) allowing you to make an overseas call without going through the operator.
  2. To make an IDD call, you need the following numbers: international code, country code, area code and local telephone number. The international code for all calls originating from Dubai is 00. Please refer to the IDD Directory on the succeeding pages to find the Country and Area codes.
  3. Dial 9 to gain entry into the IDD System. As soon as you hear the dial tone, enter the international code, country code, area code and local telephone number.

    Example: A telephone number in the U.K. would be (0207) 50 1 20 11.

    9 (IDD Code)  00 (International Code )  44 (Country Code)  207 (Area Code)  501 20 11 (Local Telephone Number)

  4. For further IDD information please dial 0 and our operator will gladly assist you. From your room please dial 9 – 00 followed by country code – area code – telephone number.

The time differences shown for countries in Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Bermuda are for winter (October to March). During summer (March to October) the time difference is one hour less than those shown.

Country International dial code Start GMT End GMT UAE
Albania 355 GMT+01:00   -3
Algeria 213 GMT   -3 
Andorra 376 GMT+01:00   -3
Angola 244 GMT+01:00   -3
Anguilla 264 GMT-04:00   -8
Antigua and Barbuda 268 GMT-04:00   -8
Argentina 54 GMT-03:00   -7
Armenia 374 GMT-04:00   0
Aruba 297 GMT-04:00   -8
Ascension Island 247 GMT   -4
Australia 61 GMT+10:00 GMT+07:00 6
Austria 43 GMT+01:00   -3
Azerbaijan 994 GMT+04:00   0
Bahamas 242 GMT-05:00   -9
Bahrain 973 GMT+03:00   -1
Bangladesh 880 GMT+06:00   2
Barbados 246 GMT-04:00   -8
Belarus 375 GMT+03:00   -1
Belgium 32 GMT+01:00   -3
Belize 501 GMT-06:00   -10
Benin 229 GMT+01:00   -3
Bermuda 441 GMT-04:00   -8
Bhutan 975 GMT+05:30   1.3
Bolivia 591 GMT-04:00   -8
Bosnia 387 GMT+01:00   -3
Botswana 267 GMT+02:00   -2
Brazil 55 GMT-03:00 GMT-05:00 -7
Brunei 673 GMT+08:00   4
Bulgaria 359 GMT+02:00   -2
Burkina Faso 226 GMT   -4
Burundi 257 GMT+02:00   -2
Cambodia 855 GMT+07:00   3
Cameroon 237 GMT+01:00   -3
Canada 1 GMT-04:00 GMT-08:00 -8
Cape Verde Islands 238 GMT-01:00   -5
Cayman Islands 345 GMT-05:00   -9
Central Africa Republic 236 GMT+01:00   -3
Chad  235 GMT+01:00   -3
Chile 56 GMT-04:00   -8
China 86 GMT+08:00   4
Columbia 57 GMT-05:00   -9
Comoros Island 269 GMT+03:00   -1
Congo 242 GMT+01:00   -3
Cook Islands 682 GMT-10:00   -14
Costa Rica 506 GMT-06:00   -10
Croatia 385 GMT+01:00   -3
Cuba 53 GMT-03:00   -7
Cyprus 357 GMT+02:00   -2
Czech Republic 420 GMT+01:00   -3
Democratic Republic
of Congo (Zaire)
243 GMT+02:00 GMT+01:00 -2
Denmark 45 GMT+01:00   -3
Diego Garcia 246 GMT+05:00   1
Djibouti 253 GMT+03:00   -1
Dominica Islands 767 GMT-04:00   -8
Dominican Republic 809 GMT-04:00   -8
Ecuador 593 GMT-05:00   -9
Egypt 20 GMT+02:00   -2
El Salvador 503 GMT-06:00   -10
Equatorial Guinea 240 GMT+01:00   -3
Eritrea 291 GMT+03:00   -1
Estonia 372 GMT+03:00   -1
Ethiopia 251 GMT+03:00   -1
Faeroe Islands 298 GMT   -4
Falkland Islands 500 GMT-04:00   -8
Fiji Islands 679 GMT+12:00   8
Finland 358 GMT+02:00   -2
France 33 GMT+01:00   -3
French Guiana 594 GMT-04:00   -8
French Polynesia 689 GMT-10:00   -14
Gabon 241 GMT+01:00   -3
Georgia 995 GMT+04:00   0
Germany 49 GMT+01:00   -3
Ghana 233 GMT   -4
Gibraltar 350 GMT+01:00   -3
Greece 30 GMT+02:00   -2
Greenland 299 GMT-03:00   -7
Grenada 473 GMT-04:00   -8
Guadeloupe 590 GMT-04:00   -8
Guam 671 GMT+10:00   6
Guatemala 502 GMT-06:00   -10
Guinea Bissau 245 GMT-01:00   -5
Guinea Republic 224 GMT   -4
Guyana 592 GMT-03:00   -7
Haiti 509 GMT-05:00   -9
Honduras 503 GMT-06:00   -10
Hong Kong 852 GMT+08:00   4
Hungary 36 GMT+01:00   -3
Iceland 354 GMT   -4
India 91 GMT+05:30   1.3
Indonesia 62 GMT+09:00 GMT+07:00 5
Iran 98 GMT+03:30   -0.30
Iraq 964 GMT+03:00   -1
Ireland 353 GMT   -4
Israel 972 GMT+02:00   -2
Italy 39 GMT+01:00   -3
Ivory Coast 225 GMT   -4
Jamaica 876 GMT-05:00   -9
Japan 81 GMT+09:00   5
Jordan 962   GMT+02:00   -2
Kazakhstan 7 GMT+06:00   2
Kenya 254 GMT+03:00   -1
Kiribati 686 GMT+12:00   -8
Korea, North 850 GMT+09:00   5
Korea, South 82 GMT+09:00   5
Kuwait 965 GMT+03:00   -1
Kyrgyzstan 996 GMT+06:00   2
Laos 856 GMT+07:00   3
Latvia 371 GMT+03:00   -1
Lebanon 961 GMT+02:00   -2
Lesotho 266 GMT+02:00   -2
Liberia 231 GMT   -4
Libya 218 GMT+02:00   -2
Liechtenstein 423 GMT+01:00   -3
Lithuania 370 GMT+02:00   -2
Luxembourg 352 GMT+01:00   -3
Macau 853 GMT+08:00   4
Macedonia (Fyrom) 389 GMT+01:00   -3
Madagascar 261 GMT+03:00   -1
Malawi 265 GMT+02:00   -2
Malaysia 60 GMT+08:00   4
Maldives Republic 960 GMT+05:00   1
Mali 223 GMT   -4
Malta 356 GMT+01:00   -3
Mariana Islands 670 GMT+10:00   6
Marshall Islands 692 GMT+10:00   6
Martinique 596 GMT-04:00   -8
Mauritius 230 GMT+04:00   0
Mayotte Islands 269 GMT+03:00   -1
Mexico 52 GMT-06:00 GMT-08:00 -10
Micronesia 691 GMT+10:00   6
Moldova 373 GMT+03:00   -1
Monaco 377 GMT+01:00   -3
Mongolia 976 GMT+08:00   4
Montserrat 664 GMT-04:00   -8
Morocco 212 GMT   -4
Mozambique 258 GMT+02:00   -2
Myanmar (Burma) 95 GMT+06:30   2.3
Namibia 264 GMT+02:00   -2
Nauru 674 GMT+12:00   8
Nepal 977 GMT+05:30   1.3
Netherlands 31 GMT+01:00   -3
Netherlands Antilles 599 GMT-04:00   -8
New Caledonia 687 GMT+11:00   7
New Zealand 64 GMT+12:00   8
Nicaragua 505 GMT-06:00   -10
Niger 227 GMT+01:00   -3
Nigeria 234 GMT+01:00   -3
Niue Island 683 GMT-11:00   -15
Norfolk Island 672 GMT+11:30   7.3
Norway 47 GMT+01:00   -3
Oman 968 GMT+04:00   0
Pakistan 92 GMT+05:00   1
Palau 680 GMT+09:00   5
Palestine 970 GMT+02:00   -2
Panama 507 GMT-05:00   -9
Papua New Guinea 675 GMT+10:00   6
Paraguay 595 GMT-04:00   -8
Peru 51 GMT-05:00   -9
Philippines 63 GMT+08:00   4
Poland 48 GMT+01:00   -3
Portugal 351 GMT+01:00   -3
Puerto Rico 787 GMT-04:00   -8
Qatar 974 GMT+03:00   -1
Reunion Island 262 GMT+04:00   0
Romania 40 GMT+02:00   -2
Russia 7 GMT+03:00   -1
Rwanda 250 GMT+02:00   -2
Samoa (American) 684 GMT-11:00   -15
Samoa (Western) 685 GMT-11:00   -15
San Marino 378 GMT+01:00   -3
Sao Tome & Principe 239 GMT   -4
Saudi Arabia 966 GMT+03:00   -1
Senegal 221 GMT   -4
Serbia 381 GMT+01:00   -3
Seychelles 248 GMT+04:00   0
Sierra Leone 232 GMT -4
Singapore 65 GMT+08:00   4
Slovak Republic 421 GMT+01:00   -3
Slovenia 386 GMT+01:00   -3
Solomon Islands 677 GMT+11:00   7
Somalia 252 GMT+03:00   -1
South Africa 27 GMT+02:00   -2
Spain 34 GMT+01:00   -3
Sri Lanka 94 GMT+05:30   1.3
St Helena 290 GMT   -4
St Kitts & Nevia 869 GMT-04:00   -8
St Lucia 758 GMT-04:00   -8
Sudan 249 GMT+02:00   -2
Surinam 597 GMT-03:30   -7
Swaziland 268 GMT+02:00   -2
Sweden 46 GMT+01:00   -3
Switzerland 41 GMT+01:00  
Syria 963 GMT+02:00   -2
Taiwan 886 GMT+08:00   4
Tajikistan 992 GMT+06:00   2
Tanzania 255 GMT+03:00   -1
Thailand 66 GMT+07:00   3
The Gambia 220 GMT   -4
Togo 228 GMT   -4
Tonga 676 GMT+13:00   9
Trinidad & Tobago 868 GMT-04:00   -8
Tunisia 216 GMT+01:00   -3
Turkey 90 GMT+02:00   -2
Turkmenistan 993 GMT+05:00   1
Turks & Caicos Islands 649 GMT-05:00   -9
Tuvalu 688 GMT+12:00   8
Uganda 256 GMT+03:00   -1
Ukraine 380 GMT+03:00   -1
United Arab Emirates 971 GMT+04:00   0
United Kingdom 44 GMT   -4
Uruguay  598 GMT-03:00   -7
USA 1 GMT-05:00 GMT-11:00 -9
Uzbekistan 998 GMT+06:00   2
Vanuatu 678 GMT+11:00   7
Venezuela 58 GMT-04:00   -8
Vietnam 84 GMT+07:00   3
Wallis & Futuna Islands 681 GMT+12:00   8
Yemen Arab Republic 967 GMT+03:00   -1
Zambia 260 GMT+02:00   -2
Zimbabwe 263 GMT+02:00   -2

Local Calls

How to make a local call:

  1. Dial 9 to gain access to an outside line.
  2. As soon as you hear the dial tone, enter the area code (not required if you call a Dubai number) followed by the telephone number.

Calls within Dubai : Dial 9 + Number
Calls within U.A.E.: Dial 9 + Area Code + Number

Calls to U.A.E. mobile telephone numbers: Dial 9 + Number
Example: Dial 9 + 050 123 4567

Location Access Code Area Code
Abu Dhabi 9 02
Al Ain 9 03
Dubai 9 04
Hatta 9 04
Ajman 9 06
Sharjah. 9 06
Umm AI Quwain  9 06
Ras AI Khaimah 9 07
Fujairah 9 09

Please note – do not dial the Dubai area code if you are dialing from Dubai.

For further local call information, please dial Extension 0 and our Operator will gladly assist you.

Messages and Voicemail 

Messages left with the telephone operator will be printed and delivered to your room. Your room is also equipped with a voice mail system. A flashing red light on your room telephone indicates that a message has been left for you.

To retrieve your message, please press the red <Message> button on your telephone. For more information, please contact the Guest Services desk. Extension 102

Mini Bar 

A soft mini bar is available on complimentary basis upon arrival only and any refills will be chargeable. The consumption will be checked and your bar will be billed on a daily basis. For further inquiries, please contact Reception. Extension 102


An additional pillow is stored in your wardrobe. Pillow menu is available for selection, to request call Extension 102


A Qibla is positioned on the ceiling of your room. Prayer mats and the Koran (Holy Qur’an) are available through Housekeeping and will be delivered to your room. Extension 102


The selection of 60+ channels are available on your TV.

Telephone Charges

Local calls (within U.A.E. )  AED 4 per minute
Local calls Mobile Phone  AED 4 per minute
International calls  for detailed charges per country, please dial Extension 0 and our Operator will gladly assist you.

Your Privacy

Please press the <Do Not Disturb> on your bedside control panel should you wish not to be disturbed. Please advise our Guest Services if you wish them to screen or hold your telephone calls. Extension 0


21 Grams

Offering quality goodness of traditional family recipes, roasted specialty coffee and aesthetic vibes to make the perfect dining experience, our Bakery and Bistro – 21 Grams is sure to impress both food and coffee lovers with its traditional Balkan dishes and pastries to satisfy their taste buds, making every day a celebration for the good things in life.

Where: Ground floor alongside Reception 
For bookings: Please call Extension 222
Opening hours: 7:30am to 11:00pm

In-Room Dining

In addition to 21 Grams, we understand that sometimes you just want to enjoy a meal from the comfort and privacy of your room. We will be happy to deliver your choice of indulgence right to your room. Our in-room dining service is available from 7:30am to 11:00pm daily.

Opening hours: 7:30am to 11:00pm
For bookings: Please call Extension 222 

Local Information

Advice To Tourists In The UAE

  • The UAE government prohibits drugs, narcotics and chemicals before you enter UAE, you are advised to take precaution to ensure that you do not carry such substances either in person, your luggage or in medicines you may carry. Strict penalties include imprisonment followed by deportation.
  • Do ensure that your medicine does not contain a banned or restricted substance. see
  • Other banned items include pornographic material, non-Islamic religious pamphlets for missionary activates, fireworks, weapons and ammunitions, chemical and organic fertilizers, laser pens, radar jammers and other unauthorized communication devices, endangered animalspecies and any objects sculptures, paintings, books or magazine which do not adhere to the religious and moral values of the UAE.
  • Dubai has imposed restrictions on wildlife souvenirs such as, Ivory (Elephants), Shahtoosh shawls (Tibetan Antelope), Caviar (Sturgeon fish), Reptile skin products (Snakes & Crocodiles), Fur of wild cats (Leopards & Tigers), Hard Coral, Marine Turtle shells.
  • Avoid any behavior in public places which could be considered indecent, such as, kissing, cross-dressing etc.
  • Please wear respectful clothing.
  • It is prohibited to consume alcoholic drinks in unlicensed places.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Identification should be carried at all times and produced to security officers upon request.
  • All major credit cards are accepted in most shops and outlets. There are also many ATM’s available so you don’t need to carry around large amounts of cash.
  • Please ensure that your vehicles is always locked and that valuables are kept out of the reach of strangers.
  • Entry to and the photography of restricted areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Prostitution, begging and vagrancy are against the law and contrary to local values and traditions.
  • It is advised not to buy from unlicensed peddlers.
  • Please ensure that the details of all goods and services are included in any receipts to protect your consumer rights.
  • Please use the main beaches that are supervised and avoid isolated ones.

The United Arab Emirates

Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is located south of the Persian gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai has the largest population and is the second-largest emirates by area, after Abu Dhabi.

The population as a whole is estimated to be at 6 million people with 10-15% of these being citizens.

The primary religion in the United Arab Emirates is Islam with the population estimated to be 96% Muslim. The official language is Arabic, but English is the primary business language.

The UAE culture mainly revolves around the religion of Islam and traditional Arab and Bedouin culture. In contrast, the city of Dubai is a highly cosmopolitan society with a diverse and vibrant culture. Five times every day Muslims are called to prayer from the minarets mosques which are scattered around the country.

In Dubai the sale and consumption of pork, though not illegal, is regulated and is sold only to non-Muslims, in designated areas. Similarly, the sale of alcoholic beverages is regulated. A liquor license is required to purchase and transport alcohol; however, alcohol is available in bars and resturants within hotels.

Etiquette is an important aspect of UAE culture and tradition, to which visitors are expected to confirm. Expatriates have disregarded the law and have been arrested for indecent clothing or lack thereof, at beaches. Western-style dress is tolerated in appropriate places such as bars or clubs, but the UAE has maintained a strict policy of protecting highly public spaces from cultural insensitivity.

The Islamic dress code is not compulsory, unlike in neighboring Saudi Arabia. Most Emirati males prefer to wear kandura, an ankle-length shirt woven from cotton and most Emirati woman wear an abaya, a black over-garment covering most parts of the body. This attire is particularly well suited for the UAE’s hot and dry climate. Western-style clothing is, however, dominant because of the large expatriate population and this practice is beginning to grow in popularity among Emiratis.


Islam mean ‘surrender’ or ‘peace’
Islam is a brief in one god-Allah
Islam is a belief that crosses borders of geography, race and economy Islam is a belief for Dubai’s ethical and moral standards

Muslim Occasions

The holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach patience, modesty and spirituality.

Ramadan is a time to fast for the sake of God and offer more prayer that usual. During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evil, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and goods deeds. As compared to the solar calendar, the dates of Ramadan vary, moving backwards about ten days each year as it is a moving holiday depending on the moon. Ramadan was the month in which the first verses of the Qur’an were said to be revealed to the prophet Muhammad.

Eid Al-Fitr

Often abbreviated to Eid, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. Eid is an Arabic word meaning ‘festivity’, while fitr means ‘to break fast’; and so the holiday symbolizes the breaking of the fasting period. It is celebrated on the first day of Shawwal. The festival lasts for three days of celebration (or more, depending on the country) and is sometimes also known as the ‘Smaller Eid’.

Eid Ul Adha

Lasts three days (or more) following the hajj and is casually referred to as the ‘Greater Eid’. Muslims are commanded by the Quran to complete their fasting on the day of Ramadan and then rectie the Takbir all throughout the period of Eid.


The telephone numbers of airlines represented in Dubai are as follows:

Dial 9 + Number

Airlines Airport Office Reservations
Aeroflot 2062883 2222245
Air Arabia   2955535
Air France 2245335 2945899
Air India 2066801 2276787
Air Malta 2062978 3319990
Alitalia 2066812 2284656
Austrian Airlines 2270500 2950000
Azerbaijan Airlines 2956860  
American Airlines 3518185  
Air Mauritius 2214455  
Air Tanzania 2234390  
Biman Bangladesh Airlines 2066820 2283767
British Airways 2062818 3075555
British Midland 3520000  
Cathay Pacific 2066865 2950400
Cyprus Airways 2214455 2215325
Czech Airlines 2062868 2959502
Egypt Air 2066830 2248555
Emirates Airlines 2062911 2351111
Ethiopian Airlines 2062833 2284338
Etihad Airways 3434443  
Eva Air 2821332 2826859
Finnair 2995961 3552121
Gulf Air 2062834 2713222
Iran Air 2062840 2222698
Indian Airlines 2061845 2242303
Kenya Airlines 2245749 2289222
KLM 2245751  
Korean Air 3377119 3377003
Kuwait Airways 2066822 2281106
Libyan Arab Airlines 3166542 3166544
Lufthansa German Airlines 2066855  
Lithuanian Airlines 2822199  
Malaysia Airlines 2066850 3970250
MEA 2062863 2237080;
Olympic Airways 2228689 2214761
Oman Air 2245639 3518080
Pakistan International Airlines 2066897 2222154
Philippine Airline 3166633  
Qantas Airways 2245555 3166655
Qatar Airways 2245483 2292229
Royal Air Morocco 2869499  
Royal Air Brunei 2244808 3514111
Royal Jordanian 2066810 2668667
Saudi Arabian Airlines 2236455 2957747
Siberian Airlines 2822199  
Singapore Airlines 2066877 2232300
South African Airlines 2144444 3970766
Sudan Airways 3355255  
Swiss International Airlines 20668800 2945051
Syrian Arab Airlines 2698850  
Thai Airways 2244305 2681701
Turkish Airlines 2285827 2270500
Tunis Air 2211176  
United Airlines 3166944 3166942
Vietnam Airlines 2062379 2680944
Yemen Airways 2958883 2956797

Consulates and Embassies

The telephone numbers of the various consulates and embassies are as follows:

Countries Consulates in Dubai Embassies in Abu Dhabi
Afghanistan   026655560
Algeria   024448949
Argentina   024436838
Armenia   026769222
Australia 3212444 026346100
Azerbaijan   026662848
Bahrain   026657500
Bangladesh 2726966 024465100
Belarus   024453399
Belgium   026316449
Belize   026333554
Bosnia & Herzegovina   026444164
Brazil   026320606
Brunei Darussalam   024491100
Canada 3521717 024456969
China 3984357 024434276
Czech Republic   026782800
Denmark 2227699  
Egypt 3971122 024445656
Eritrea 2220323 026331838
Finland   026328927
France 3329040 024435100
Germany 3972333 024435630
Great Britain 3094444 026101100
Greece   026654847
Guinea 2636613  
Hungary   026660107
India 3971222 024492700
Indonesia 3985666 024454448
Iran 3444717 024447618
Iraq 2685445 026655152
Italy 3314167 024435622
Japan 3919191 024435696
Jordan 3970500 024447100
Kazakhstan 2242462  
Kenya 8811910 026666300
Korea   024435337
Kuwait 3978000 024446888
Lebanon 3977450 024492100
Libya 3973972 024450030
Malaysia 355528 024482775
Mauritania   024462724
Morocco   024433963
Mozambique 3528700  
Netherlands 3528700  
New Zealand 3317500  
Niger 2217333  
Norway 3533833 026211221
Oman 3971000 024463333
Pakistan 3970412 024447800
Palestine 3972020 024434617
Panama 2263366  
Philippines 3980011 026345664
Poland   024465200
Qatar 3982888 024493300
Romania   026666346
Russia 2231272 026721797
Saudi Arabia 3979777 024445700
Senegal   026336929
Singapore 2229789  
Slovakia   026321674
Somalia 2958282 026669700
South Africa 3975222 026316700
Spain 3300110 026269544
Sri Lanka 3986535 02642666
Sudan 2637555 026666788
Sweden   026210162
Switzerland 3290999 26274636
Syria 2663354 024448768
Tanzania 2957770 026650226
Thailand 3492863 026421772
Tunisia 2277270 026811331
Turkey 3314788 026655421
Turkmenistan   026344474
Ukraine   026327586
United States of America 3116000 024436691
Uzbekistan 3947400  
Vietnam 3988924  
Yemen 3970131 024448457

Dubai Tourism Information

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) have a very informative tool for visitors to Dubai. Whether you are visiting for business, leisure or living here, the website has a comprehensive range of information for you. Just follow the link to and click on the links at the top of the page for «I live here», «I’m visiting» or «Here on business».

Safety and Security

For Your Safety and Security

In the event of an emergency, the few minutes it would take to read this information could be a good investment. It may never happen to you, you may never need to implement this advice, but since you should always be ready for the unexpected, be diligent and always note exits and emergency procedures of any high-rise building which you enter.

The fire exits on your floor are marked. Please also note the exit plan located on the inside of your guest room door. Should there be heavy smoke, you may have a difficult time locating these exits, so please take the time to observe the following points:

  • Count the number of doorways between your door and emergency exits.
  • Check the location of the fire extinguishers/hoses and alarms in the corridor of your floor.
  • Understand the air-conditioning ON and OFF controls in your room.

If You Detect A Fire

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm.
  • Call the Hotel Emergency Centre – Extension 777
  • Leave the building by using the exit staircase, do not use the elevators.
  • Please take your room key card with you.
  • Close the door(s) against the fire if you are unable to leave your room.
  • If the fire is small, extinguish it and report your action to the Emergency Centre – Extension 777

Evacuation Upon Hearing The Fire Alarm

  • Take your room key and move cautiously.
  • Feel your door handle with the back of your hand. If the door handle is hot or abnormally warm, don’t open it
  • If the door handle is not hot, open it carefully, but be ready to close it immediately if necessary.
  • If there is smoke in the corridor, stay as low as possible. Crawl on your hands and knees if necessary
  • Proceed to the nearest emergency exit. Stay calm and always hold the handrail.
  • If your exit is blocked, go back to your room or to the roof and wait for help to come.
  • Never attempt to use the elevator in the case of fire.

If You Require Special Assistance

  • Advise Hotel Reception Personnel upon check-in or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Most fatalities occur from inhalation of smoke and poisonous gases and not from burning. Always stay as low to the ground as possible if there is any smoke present.
  • Never use the elevator.

If You Must Stay In Your Room

  • Do not panic. You can stay in your room and still survive a fire.
  • Turn off the air-conditioning.
  • Fill bath tub with water (as a water reserve only).
  • Phone your location to the Emergency Centre – Extension 777
  • Stuff wet towels and sheets around door seals and air vents. Use the waste basket to bail water from the bath tub if smoke seeps in.
  • Remove drapes from the window.
  • If smoke still enters your room, make a tent over your head with a wet blanket.
  • As a last resort, if the air becomes too smoke-laden, it may be necessary to open your window slightly.
  • If the windows do not open, break one with a chair. Do not open or break a window if smoke or flames are rising up from a lower floor.

If A Fire Starts In Your Room:

  • Evacuate your room immediately. Take your room key with you.
  • Close the door securely behind you.
  • Activate a fire alarm and notify your immediate neighbours.
  • Call the Emergency Centre at Extension 777 on the nearest phone and walk to safety via the emergency exit
  • Do not use the elevator.

Guest Room Key

It is not necessary to deposit your room key at the Reception Desk each time you leave the hotel. However, please return the key to the Reception Desk before you check out.

Information and Assistance

Our desire is to make your visit enjoyable and free from any unpleasant incidents. If you notice any suspicious activity or have the need for special assistance, please contact our Guest Services. Extension 102

Observation Port

Your guest room door is equipped with an observation port, which permits you to see the corridor outside your room without opening the door. Before answering a knock, please use the observation port to determine who is seeking entry. Your cooperation is sought to ensure that you allow only Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai staff who can be identified by their uniforms, name tags and identification cards. If you are in doubt of anyone’s identity, call the Emergency Centre by dialing 777 and ask for the Duty Manager.

Room Number

To ensure privacy, hotel personnel are instructed not to give out room numbers of registered guests. You may be connected directly to another guest’s room/serviced apartment by giving the name of the guest to the Service Centre.


A safety box is available in your room for non-valuable items. Do not use simple numbers like >123456> for your pass code combination. The hotel cannot be held responsible for valuables left in the room.

Visitors To Your Room

For security and safety reasons, please notify the Front Desk of any overnight visitors you may have or any individuals you would like to be given access to your room.

Please Note

The information and recommendations contained in this compendium have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable and to present the best current opinion on the subject. There is no guaranteed representation as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency what is contained herein. It must not be assumed that all acceptable safety measures are contained in this publication, or that other additional measures may not be required under particular or exceptional conditions or circumstances.

Brand Story

Welcome To StayWell

One of the largest hotel management groups in Asia Pacific, StayWell Holdings togeteher with strategic partners, and its parent company Prince Hotels Inc., offers a diverse portfolio of properties across a combined network of 122 hotels worldwide. Park Regis Hotels are located in Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Park Regis Brand

Park Regis is StayWell’s upscale brand, committed to providing guests with an exceptional experience. Quality features, innova- tive technologies and first-rate service are amongst the high class offerings. Park Regis properties are centrally located offering accessibility and a prime position to attend business or act as an ideal base for sightseeing and leisure activities.

Leisure Inn Brand

Leisure Inn is StayWell’s midscale brand, providing comfortable and good value for money accommodation in key destinations such as Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Launceston and India. The brand encapsulates what guests want and deserve from a quality and effortless hotel experience including comfortable rooms, modern facilities and excellent customer service. The rooms are suited for business travelers and holiday makers alike.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our many properties in the near future! For more information on the Park Regis brand and the complete portfolio of StayWell properties, please visit